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Here we have a wonderful combination of very short straight haircuts combined with long straight hairstyles that show off a variety of looks that you can select from. All of these styles are relatively easy to maintain and work for many different looks. In the first row there is a combination of both short and long straight examples that have classic, timeless looks. In particular the third photo shows off a near bob that highlights the face quite nicely. In fact, it is quite similar in style to the fourth photo despite the longer hair. The second row starts with an extremely short straight example that also has plenty of style as well. The final photo shows how the hair can be pulled back, yet still create a warm, dramatic look. The second and third photos are more classic in tradition and are perfect for most occasions. Once again, we have a very short straight example to start us off, though not as extreme as found above. The second and third photos have classic straight ideas while the fourth is reminiscent of the 1990ís, yet has a timeless look all on its own. In the final row we have a collection of age appropriate straight ideas with the final one being a great American classic which is especially attractive for women with thicker, fuller hair. The other three examples are also classics that make for a perfect choice for most occasions. You can see in this row a timeline of great suggestions from many different periods, yet they still have that timeless appeal.

Portfolio 8 showcases straight designs for all lengths. View picture 5 and 9 for extra short and picture 4 and 16 for extra long. Browse through our Curly hair section for styling ideas for your straight hair that are modern, fun and with the right tools, easy to implement.