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You can see in these pictures a number of wonderful ideas that will help you create the look you want. From bobs to short to loose and free, you can find a perfect look that compliments and creates an unforgettable image. The first row features cuts that you probably have seen before because they work very well with different types of faces. All off them have a loose, yet stylish feel about them, especially photo #2 which is quite well suited for more formal occasions. The second row features a number of short types, particularly well suited for some women who want something short, yet stylish. Photo #3 in the lineup is certainly a powerful look, but many might be more drawn to the styles on either side as more manageable and less fussy. The third row has a good selection of looks for medium length hair, particularly the final one in the row which is wonderfully suited to show off the curls while still being manageable. The other hairstyles featured have the advantage of hair length which tends to tame the curls to a certain degree. The final row has a great selection of styles for women that run from the long, loose and casual to the pent up and messy. While some women may not like hair that looks unkempt, there is a certain attraction depending on the look that is being presented. These are certainly choices you can make when choosing.

Portfolio 6 showcases a variety of styles encompassing a spectrum of hair types, from soft waves to ultra tight spirals. No matter your hair type you are sure to find something to suit your unique hair. Editors pick is number 12, this bob for curly hair is perfectly styled to highlight the beautiful curls whilst keeping them controlled.