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Many of us think that curls can be difficult to manage but it is also quite versatile. Curly hairstyles for women range from the very short to quite long and you can get real volume  from your own natural curls.
You can see in the pictures of curly haircuts a number of great choices that you can select from the next time you go in for a cut. Presented here are a number of great looks that will give you a different feel. You can see in the photos how curls actually help accentuate the volume and give each one an individual look that is not really possible with straight hair.
Consider curly with bangs for a more playful appearance. The bangs help accentuate your curls while adding a better frame for your face. For women with short curls, having bangs is a great way to help highlight your face while offsetting your curls.
Plus, you can use extensions to help augment the volume. Plus, if your curly hair is long, you can fashion it into a bob or pony tail that can create a distinctive look perfect for formal occasions or even a night out on the town. With curly hair you have plenty of ways to create new, exciting looks that will perfectly compliment your face. Whether you pull it back or leave it open and free, curly hair is something to be treasured.

Portfolio 3 of the Curly hair section highlights different length hairstyles that can be worn everyday. For a glamorous prom hairstyle view picture 12, this is a stylish do for short wavy hair but can be executed on straight by using a large curling tong.