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When you’re looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, you may want to consider some of the more outrageous or artistic looks out there. Use this portfolio as inspiration. If you’re drawn to these examples, chances are you’ll have an artistic side. These may be just enough to spark your imagination. Keep in mind however, that not every one will look good on you. Think about what features of your face and upper body that you’d like to accentuate and then go from there. You’ll also have to work within the limitations of your current length. These are a good sampling of the possibilities for unusual haircuts for both long and short hair lengths. Of course if you have long hair, you can always go for medium or short as well. Once you have an outrageous hairstyle in mind, you’ll want to find a hairstylist who is up to the challenge. Many artistic examples are difficult to pull off. In many cases, an average stylist won’t be skilled enough to do what you have in mind. Don’t despair, there is sure to be a stylist in your area that specializes in emo or scene who’ll be more used to doing more alternative looks. As an artistic person, you should proudly show off your personality with your look. Maybe you have a great tattoo on your shoulders or neck and need a idea to complement it. Getting a new look will complete your individuality and reflect your lifestyle.

The styles contained in the Outrageous section are drastic so if you are unsure if it will suit you consult a professional who will advise you on the different options to suit your hair type and unique personality. Picture 1 and 9 are artistic examples that will require vast experience to achieve such perfection.