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Whether you are looking for a look for your prom, wedding or another special moment in your life, this portfolio is sure to inspire you with stunning styles for both long and short hair. Your hair should frame your face and give you confidence. After all, if youíre feeling confident, your beauty will be radiant. In photo 1, we see a lovely bride with her hair styled to complement her veil and jewelry. It is a classic, yet contemporary look. When youíre looking for wedding ideas, remember to keep in mind your jewelry and veil. Preparing for prom is stressful. Because youíll be transitioning from formal to casual as the evening progresses, you might want to look at photo 15 that is gorgeous down and can be easily turned into an up-do for the formal parts of prom. Long and curly prom styles can be a lot of fun as you can see from the photos in this portfolio. The best thing to do is play when youíre with your stylist until you find something you love. When you have shorter hair, it doesnít mean you canít have a dramatic, breathtaking look. In fact, as you can see from photo 14, short prom designs can really frame your face and earrings. If you want to turn heads draw inspiration from short wedding and homecoming styles. Finally, keep in mind that you want to frame your eyes with your hair. Bangs like the ones in photos 3 and 13 are both perfect examples of how bangs can really make your eyes stand out.

Portfolio 9 showcases a wide range of hairstyles for prom and wedding ideas for short and long hair. Showoff your lustrous extra long curls in a simple low ponytail, as seen in picture 5, or create an artistic updo with wispy bang as seen in picture 9. Picture 15 is an elegant sculpted bob in a side parting.