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Girls emo haircuts and girls scene hairstyles are both very artistic. When you want an artistic look, turn to the emo look for inspiration. While these define a specific type of lifestyle, you can use them as a starting point for a totally unique look that expresses your original point of view. The examples in this portfolio are perfect for people who are involved with the arts and entertainment industries. When you’re an artist or a performer, your look is often a part of your brand identity. Even if you’re just into art or music, your hair should reflect the passion and creativity that drives you. These suggestions offer a good sampling of the possibilities for girls with both long and short locks. Different hair types can limit your options, but if you’re working with a skilled stylist, you’ll be amazed at what he or she can accomplish. Transforming you into a work of art will be time consuming, but the payoff will be huge. People will take notice when you walk into a room and immediately understand that you have an artistic point of view. Some occasions call for a transformation to match your outfit such as the final photo in this group of styles. The purple hair matches the dress for a dramatic and chameleon-like effect. Color can make a bold statement if used properly. It can actually transform your appearance and accent certain styles. Be open to hair color if you’re looking for a complete transformation because sometimes it will play an important role for your new look as seen in many of these photos.

Artistic styles require time, patience and loads of practice to master the different styling techniques, but this will give you plenty of fun times that could lead to your own crazy creations. View photo number 1, 12 and 13 as pet projects to try out at home, these styles will give you hours of entertainment.