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If you are planning on attending a more formal event, such as a prom or wedding, then creating the right look for the occasion means a bit a planning and preparation so you know the look that you want. Here are 16 different curly hair styles for women want to make that perfect impression when they are out on those special occasions.
In the first row, you can see the number of different curly hair styles from short to medium to long is tamed, but still show off a fun, bouncy side that compliments the face and accentuates the positive features. All of these styles are on the loose end of formal, but can still work quite well for the look you want.
The second row runs the gamut of more exotic curly styles from pulled back to natural to really teased and accentuated. All of these looks have one thing in common. They call attention to what you have done to create that unique style. For occasions when you want to make a big impression, these will certainly work for you.
Row three features more conservative looks that range from more casual to a sweep back style that was popular decades ago. You can also see how these curls are very age appropriate and compliment the features as well as the style of what is being worn.
Finally, the last row has a number of long, loose styles with the final one being an exception, an almost punkish look that is definitely an attention getter, yet perfectly fits the sunglasses and high energy style of the person wearing it.

Get styling ideas for your prom or special occasion with 16 different photos of long or short hairstyles for curly or wavy hair types. Hairstyles for special occasions are always harder to implement so make sure you perfect the certain style before the big day. Picture number 6 in this portfolio is super elaborate and requires loads of practice and patience.