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One of the easiest ways to get a new look is to get a new hair do. Itís more affordable than getting a whole new wardrobe and you can really express yourself better with a haircut. The examples on this portfolio page are modern takes on classic designs. If you want to look classic, but with an updated twist, you should definitely consider using these as inspiration. As you can see, many of them are classic shapes, but take on a different texture, color or an unexpected accent. The key to updating a classic look is to take the basic look and add something unique or expected to it. While these examples are a great starting point youíre probably best off going to your stylist and asking about updating a classic style that you like. Everyone has a different facial features and your choice should be constructed around the face. What may look good on the model in the portfolio may not look best on you. If youíre going to go with an updated hairstyle, remember that youíre going to be pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. It may be difficult, but youíll need to put your trust in your stylist. Rely on his or her expertise to transform your hair into a modern classic. Many of these classic looks are a bit too high maintenance for everyday wear. Therefore, you might want to save them for a special occasion such as prom or homecoming. A fresh new look for prom will be enough to take your dateís breath away.

This section takes classical designs and transforms them into modern yet crazy variations. Editors pick is photo number 7. This crazy look is elegant and chic with a modern twist and is perfect for a prom or a night out. Browse through the other unique examples for other wacky ideas.