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Do you want to add more volume to your long straight hairstyles? As you can see with this selection of photographs, there are a number of great straight styles you can choose from that will give your hair the appearance of being thicker, fuller and more bounce. This selection of photos certainly shows off a great number of straight haircuts that you can select from that fits your features.
From long and loose to short and sassy, each of these looks are remarkable in how they accentuate the face, yet have the thickness and manageability to wear for everyday occasions. For women with long straight haircuts, you can see how in many of the examples presented how the tresses are teased out somewhat to add more thickness, yet is still loose and causal for easy management.
Short straight hair can also have volume added as well, particularly in the back to give more fullness. Styles can actually take advantage of the hair that flows outward and add texture. However, the hair can be tamed somewhat by the right products to allow it a more casual look well suited for most occasions.
Finally, straight hairstyles that have been pulled back can still provide the appearance of thickness and volume from the hair that cascades on the sides and back of the neck. This type of look actually accentuates your overall appearance which goes well with all types of outfits and is well managed.

Straight hair is very versatile, add a few waves with a curling ironing for a completely different look. Get ideas from our Curly Gallery on how to wear soft waves or take advantage of our Prom Gallery for a chic evening look. We love photo number 8 with the extra short wispy bang.