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Are you looking for the right straight hairstyles with bangs for prom or other formal occasions? If so, then we have for you a great selection of styles with bangs that you can choose from. Featuring short straight haircuts as well as straight wedding designs, if you have straight hair with bangs, then we have some great photos that can give you some wonderful ideas. Starting with the first row we see a number of great straight prom hairstyles that will also work at other formal occasions as well. From the classic look featured in the first photo to those that are exemplified in the next, you can see the different types of looks perfect for many formal occasions. The second row again shows off the different ideas for women with straight hair that can be short and sassy as presented in the first photo to longer, more luxurious styles as featured in the next two. If you donít prefer bangs, then the final example is low maintenance and perfect for the prom as well. We find in the third row a wide variety of straight designs as well. The first two pictures show off the classic long straight example perfect for the prom, especially if you want a more dramatic look. The final two pictures show more conservative, shorter haircuts that are more suited for casual events, but still prom-worthy depending on the look you want to achieve. The final row is a great collection of medium examples that add fullness and volume, yet are easy to maintain and perfect for the prom.

The straight styles showcased in Portfolio 3 incorporate different length and styled bangs. Picture 2 shows an extra long wispy bang on a short straight look whilst picture 14 showcases an extra long side swept bang on a medium length straight design. Mix and match different bangs with different straight ideas to create completely different looks.