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The bob is a style that is generally considered perfect for short straight haircuts, but it can also be employed for longer locks as well. There are a number of long straight haircuts that feature bobs that are modern, daring and unforgettable. If you are looking to change your style, then having one of these long straight examples that are complimented by unique cuts may be the answer. The first row showcases a number of wonderful medium straight ideas, particular the first and fourth examples that are modern, classy and easy to manage. The second photo highlights what can be done with long straight hair that is neat, full of volume and uses bangs to good effect. The third photo is rather retro in appearance, but has that classic medium straight cut that is certainly unforgettable and timeless. The second row features a combination of short and medium straight styles that are easy to maintain, yet carry a dramatic look. The first and third photos carry a classic retro style that still fits with a modern look. While the second and fourth photos feature classic long straight suggestions that have that bounce and signature that are unique. In the third row we start with a unique swept over look combined with a dramatic shaping of the face by the rest of the hair, while the rest of the photos feature traditional medium straight cuts perfect for all occasions. For the final row we have four dramatic examples that certainly will get people’s attention. While the second example features longer straight hair, the rest of the photos take unique advantage of the short straight locks that make a powerful impression.

The classical bob is one of the most versatile styles around. This portfolio showcases the classic bob in different lengths incorporating different cutting and styling techniques. View image 11 which is an ultra slick long bob and image 13 which is a short smooth bob in a side parting.