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Unveiled elegance. All eyes turn as this dashing woman enters the formal area. If someone were to picture a perfect bride hair, or prom hair, they might picture this particular hairstyle. There are so many options to achieve this flawless look, but all of them will lead to amazing results. This is a style that is better for women with medium to long hair, and it is open to straight or curly hair types. A woman desiring this look would want to get many bobby clips, some hair gel, and some time to perfect it. The aspiring woman would create inch long separations in her hair leading to the back of her head, and clip them in place. Then, the hair can either be twisted, or pinned into place at the back of the head. Make sure to leave strands of hair around the face, or ears to accent the face. After several rows of hair are pinned, make sure the hair in the back is curled tightly. The tightly curled hair can be pinned to the back of the head to create extra volume. Or, the hair can be left to hang off the back of the head. Finally, if the beautiful hair design is not enough, the hair can be accented with flowers, jewels, or even a veil as this lovely model has done. With a style this extravagant, anyone donning this hair is sure to be noticed. This intriguing hairstyle can be worn by medium or long hair. Pin back individual strands into twirls and curl the ends.