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Super summer style. Formal gatherings such as prom can be extra stuffy from the amount of people or the stress of making everything perfect. This model is illustrating a way to make the day less troublesome with a low-maintenance hairstyle. Tresses can be kept under control easy and extra volume can be contained with minimal effort. The hair is off the neck and face and placed into an easy to maintain hairband. The hairband can be upgraded to make the look even more elegant. If the woman feels crafty enough, they can visit the local store and get themselves some elastic bands, which will add color to match a dress. Or, the elastic band can be decorated with jewels, flowers or a special piece of cloth. Ribbons or a scarf can even be used over an ordinary band. This is an easy way to tame unruly, curly hair. And, this is a way to make up for time lost dealing with all other aspects of the formal gathering. It is quick and easy, leaving time for the important things such as that special someone, or being the center of attention. Team up your short curly hair with a delicate band for a cute girlie look.