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Sleek and Sophisticated. This lustrous hairdo is really for the woman who is looking to achieve a refined look. The woman who would be perfect for this look would be one that would like to set herself apart from the crowd in an intelligent way. The look is very simple yet sophisticated. It can be done in a variety of ways, with a variety of hair types and lengths. The main part of the hair is to find the part that works best and then tie the hair back. The rest can be left up to imagination. If the hair is naturally curly, a few clips can be used to tame the mane into a distinguished bun at the back of the head. If hair is longer and straight there are thin pieces of fabric called bun “catchers” which can hold the long hair into a bun of sorts. The bun catchers would be true to old time hairdo such as Victorian or Elizabethan. The look is very simple, and it can be mutable into other types of buns or just a simple hair fold at the nape of the neck. This looks very similar to hairstyles made for women ages ago, and beauty can last for ages. Accessories can be added to make it work for any occasion, a tiara for a wedding, or flowers for the extra flair in prom. With a look like this, any woman will look her best. This beautiful classic hairstyle is perfect for a wedding. It’s simple and neat yet very aristocratic.