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Short and Sweet. It may be hard for someone to immediately think of a fashionable hairstyle when thinking of short hair. However, short hair is the most ideal for the endless creative styles. There are more options for hairstyles than there are hairs on the head. This model went with the option of curls across her head, sans the bangs. However, there are many creative options available to every woman. The same hair could be curled inward just at the ends to create a volume rich bob. If curls are what are desired, any woman could loosen up the curls a bit and make a totally different style. Finally, the curls could be tighter and make the hair appear even livelier. The bangs offer an additional option of making the look appear sleek; it offers a stark contrast. Conversely, if the bangs are styled differently this look could take on a new trendy style. This model were to show up at prom with this style, she would surely be a hit. It can be difficult to imagine a prom hairstyle for short hair, but there is so much one can do. This style simply uses curling tongs to transform the hair into this stylish do.