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Simple and sexy. This beautiful model demonstrates a simple ponytail with long hair for her fancy outing. Anything can be beautiful if it is paired with the right accessories. Everyone wants their special night to be perfect, but sometimes the woman gets so caught up on the dress that the hair becomes an afterthought. If the dress is elaborate and eye-catching, there may not be a need for extravagant hair. The dress and the make-up may be enough. Besides, it is important to remember that the most beautiful thing of all is confidence and if a simple classy do is what brings out the confidence then it is important to follow that. There are a lot of choices for simple tresses. There can be clips at any angle along the back of the head, or it could be put in a binder. If one feels her hair is not long enough, it can be lengthened with extensions. Or, a curl could be added to the bottom or along the sides. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. This style is simple, and it will surely make any face shine. A simple hairstyle paired with dangling earrings and a beautiful gown is the perfect combination for an overall stylish look.