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Princess Bride. The prom is a truly magical time. And, this model shows a magnificent mane that could double for a prom, a bride, or even a fair maiden princess. This beautiful style can be achieved relatively simple as well. One interested in achieving this style would want to part their hair to the side. It would improve the style to make sure that strands of hair hang down to frame the face, as this model has done. There are a few ways that the inspired prom attendee can create this look at the back of the head, but all require longer hair. The woman could tie the hair into a circular bun with several bobby pins, and let the rest of her hair hang down. Or, use a small plastic hair piece under the hair to create a bump in the hair, and then tie the hair with a binder at the nape of the neck. Finally, the hair could be put in a high ponytail as it appears the model has done. Once the hair is contained, make sure to put a curling iron through the ends of the hair to give it that curled look. The curls can vary depending on preference, but the concept is still the same. Choosing this style can make a woman as beautiful as a princess. Fit for a princess, use your extra long hair in a high ponytail and allow the smooth hair hang in a beautiful twirl. Use hair extensions for the same look.