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Anything but ordinary. These luscious locks are envied by the many, but only taken by the few that take chances and work with their hair. This is the more relaxed version of Hollywood hair. Long hair can be a sign of great health and it can reflect certain personality traits. This is why long locks are so highly regarded. Wigs to create long hair have been around since the dawn of time. Five thousand years ago records show that Egyptians would wear wigs. The straight black haired Egyptian cut shown in movies is one that was created by wigs (both in Hollywood and in those times). It is needless to say that long hair is a luxury and one that can be achieved with a bit of elbow grease. The hair needs to be straight, except for at the ends. This can be a feat for even straight haired people. Make sure that the hair is moisturized as stylists say the best way to keep long hair looking great is moisturizer. Take the hair to new lengths with this beautiful style. Straight and natural, all Red Carpet events carry this style teamed up with a gorgeous gown, make-up and the right accessories.