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Soulful hair. Many generations have dealt with the style called the beehive. The 60s would be the closest relative to this particular style. This style is created by layering ratted hair and then pulling a smother layer on top of the ratted hair. The late soulful singer Amy Winehouse was the creative mind behind this do, but there is much more class added for the average person. Since there is much hair needed, a person with thinner or shorter hair would need to get extensions or hair accessories that add the extra bump for the hair and still allows enough hair for bangs and for the back. One particular accessory comes to mind, it is a plastic bump with notches that allow the hair to seamlessly flow over it. Once over the bump, the hair can be tied in back or pinned and allowed to hang freely. Styling gel would be needed to make sure the bangs stay to one side. Once finished this daring diva could change hair history. Get this look, inspired by Amy Winehouse but a whole lot classier. Create the 60s beehive effect with an extra long side swept bang.