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Side swept sweetness. The model here is demonstrating an ultra-adaptable style that can be implemented for any situation. Unique parts are put into play to allow normal hair a change of pace. The newest trendy styles incorporate asymmetrical parts across the mane. As a result, any woman can make her regular daily do look fabulous by switching the direction and angle of her part. The model has taken the part from the far left, and allowed the free strands of hair to fall into her face. To add extra body to the hair, the part can start on the left and then zigzag to the right and back and forth. The end result is fuller appearing hair. This style can be worked into any situation, and is good for any hair type. With a change of make-up and clothes it can be for a classy formal event or for a daily trip to the grocery store. With minimal effort anyone can be remarkable; there is nothing to lose by trying this on for size. With this ultra versatile hairstyle the only things that need to change is your outfit and your make-up.