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Hair-tastic Hues. So many styles and so little time! For an artistic stylist, there are no limits to the possibilities. There are styles that incorporate accessories. Tresses that appear a mile long. Manes that make even the most critical mind happy. In addition, colors that could stop traffic. With so many options, maybe the style does not need to change as much as the color. Any updo can be made better with quality color care. Highlights are usually two to three colors lighter or brighter than the main color. Lowlights are about two or three colors darker. The different colors can really add depth and even the appearance of volume. Hair color is an important thing, and even though all the colors of the rainbow are available at the local store, it is best to consult a professional. Everything is more interesting with choices, so make sure your hair is not limited with one color. Bring brightness to the hair and color on. Instead of overdoing a particular hairstyle, rather incorporate high and low lights that compliment your hair color to give the style depth and movement.