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Runway ready hair. Barbie would envy the lovely lady who manages to pull this look off. This particular model looks like she knows the secret to beautiful hair. This is a style that would require a bit of practice and patience. The style is less about accessories and hair tools, and more about learning the lengths in which a woman can take her hair. A woman who is ready to take on this task should have a few things in her arsenal: a pick comb (a comb with a sharp point at one end), a curling iron, and the favorite styling spray or gel. They would first want to separate the bangs from the rest of the mane. The bangs can be from the middle of the head to create different lengths, or from the front to have a contrast of straight and short bangs with curly hair. Then the woman would need to curl the lengths of her hair to her preference. Finally, take the top, front half of the hair and clip it loosely over the curled hair. For more body, accessories can be added. It is really a hairstyle that needs to be tried to be perfected, so give it a whirl but donít be surprised at how beautiful the hair can be. With a little practice this hairstyle can be created at home. Start with creating the curls with a curling iron, separate the bang from the rest of the hair and then loosely pin hair half back.