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Form and function. It has been said that women will spend an average of $50,000 in her lifetime to achieve the perfect tresses. Some of the hair accessories include the normal things such as styling gels, curling irons, and salon visits. But, a huge majority of those purchases credits should go to the accessories that are not hidden within the hair. There are a lot of things that can make even the most average hairdo stop people. The model in this picture has a red plant band across her head to match a prom dress or maybe a bride’s made dress. Here is a trick for the crafty lady. If someone takes the flower head off the back of a fake flower and twist a twisty tie into the opening at the back of the head, that flower can now be tied to a headband or an elastic band for the head. This trick can allow for all sorts of flowery hair pieces. If that is not enough, tiny jewel pieces can be glued to the flowers or the hair pieces itself. Go crazy, follow your heart and your hair will surely thank you. Incorporate unusual and fun accessories that complement your attire to create this overall look. This tip is especially great for themed events.