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Retro Wave. When looking upon this hair, memories of yesteryears play in the mind. It looks similar to the beautiful styles that a woman from the 50ís might wear with the panache of an updated style. This style transcends time with the tiers of elaborate waves. This is truly an artistic endeavor that would require a bit of time, a lot of styling product and a good handful of clips, and pins. The aspiring beauty would need to separate the hair into several inch long strips that run length wise across the head. Once separated and clipped, the real work begins, but it will look different for each woman. This model has several different heights of waves, and that can be achieved with a stronger styling gel as the hair is twisted to one side or another. It would probably be good to have the sections of hair twisted into different sections towards the back of the head. A person would really needs to experiment to get it right, but once done there would be a definite wow factor. This artistic hairstyle divides the hairs into sections that are perfectly manicured to create large beautiful waves.