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If you are heading to the prom or perhaps your own wedding, then you need to have the formal look that is appropriate, classic and unforgettable. Presented here are great examples of prom hairstyles that will work for you while providing enough different looks so you can find the one you like the best. Finding the right one for your prom has never been easier. In the first row we see four classic prom and wedding ideas complete with the outfits to give you a great example of what you might what your tresses to look like. The first and fourth photos features the hair rolled into an attractive bun which helps show off the neck and highlights the face quite nicely. The second and third photos feature more traditional straight prom haircuts that are also perfect for weddings and other formal occasions. In the second row we see more dramatic examples that need more attention, but the look is simply priceless. The first photo alone shows a complex, yet daring style that when achieved can make quite the positive impression. The final three are more traditional, but still bold and perfect for weddings and proms alike. The third row shows how longer straight hair can be perfect for the prom, especially the complicated, yet dramatic style featured in the second photo. It may take some work, but it will be well worth the effort. The third photo features a very age appropriate, but beautiful look that is simple, yet stunning. The four photos in the final row feature classic prom designs and have a number of wonderful touches. The third and fourth ones in particular are certainly dramatic to say the least.

Prom night is an auspicious occasion that is only complete with the perfect tresses to suit your gorgeous gown. The Prom Gallery showcases 160 popular and unique hairstyles that are either classical, modern and a combination of both. Find beautiful ideas for short or long hair, for straight or curly hair in a variety of different styles.

Short hair can be difficult to transform into a glamorous prom style but we highlight some of the best for your funky tresses. The options for long hair are far wider as the hair can be worn loose in a chic casual way or in a perfectly romantic, classical up-do.

Have loads of fun finding the perfect prom or wedding look to suit your individual style and your gorgeous outfit.