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Curly hair is versatile, It may be a bit more difficult to handle, but there are many styles that can be done with curly hair. It doesn’t have to be straightened in order to be manageable. It can be styled just fine in its natural state. Since curls  tend to have a lot volume, they can be put in such a way that emphasizes this trait. Loosely curled hair can be put into voluminous ways with the hair worn down with the curls enhanced with products. Hair that is more tightly curled can be made slightly more manageable with a blow dryer. Well sized up dos and buns can be created with curls, and it can also hold braids very well. Use a curling iron to create long “barrel curls”. Use ornaments and accessories to give decorative enhancements.

Of course, it can also be straightened for even more versatility. The curls will revert later on, making it possible to switch between curly and straight rather easily. Trying sweeping to one side to create a Rapunzel-like effect. Shorter curls look great in bobs. Adding color will give it the ability to stand out much more, given that curly hair is already conspicuous on its own.


Curly locks can at times be hard to tame and manage but can also be so versatile. The first step is to ensure you keep your it in a healthy and strong condition so you can get the most out of your lustrous curls.

The Curly gallery showcases 160 different looks and styling techniques for all lengths. Browse through the ten different sections, each containing sixteen unique styles, you are sure to find the perfect fit for you. Take advantage of the straight section for ideas on how to style your curls in a straight fashion to create a completely different look.