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Here we have a number of wonderful curly haircut styles for women that literally show them in all types of situations, lengths and looks and layered curly designs. From short to very long, curly haircut styles can make a powerful statement in how it is presented. The styles themselves are also age appropriate and certainly can draw attention.
The first row features a number of loose, carefree cuts that are well suited for a more relaxed appearance. The third picture however shows a style that is perhaps better set for more outgoing occasions at it will take time to achieve this particular look and style.
The second row shows how long curly haircuts can work very well with displaying a warm, gentle side even when pulled back as in the fourth picture. You can see how the loose, more carefree looks of the first three examples accentuate a more casual style and approach.
The third row starts with a wonderful, age appropriate example of how even short curly hair can look very attractive and stylish. We see in the rest of the photos they show off a number of different examples perfect for medium to long curly layered hairstyles.
The fourth row starts with another great short style that is perfect for women who want to present a more mature look, yet still have a loose, more playful side. The next photo combines different hair coloring with a band to create a unique look that is really dramatic. The final examples show off yet again why curls can be a real blessing when it comes to creating a wonderful look.

Various curly designs in different side partings. Side partings add volume and give shape. Always follow your hairs own personality and natural flow when deciding on a parting. Some of the styles in this portfolio also incorporate layers to give the curls extra bounce. Donít cut layers too short if your short or medium in length as layers add extra volume and width to curls.