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Here are 16 different examples of wonderful ideas for women with wavy locks. You can see the many medium curly hairstyles that help accentuate the face while keeping enough weight to tame the wavy locks.
You can see in the first row a number of long curly styles that are well suited for more formal occasions. These are easily manageable and even loose to convey a sense of relaxation while still being very appropriate for weddings, proms and other events.
In the second row we have a combination of medium curly hair styles along with long curly hair styles that are lighter, more bouncy and show off how tight, curly hair can be managed easily while still creating an individual look.
The third row shows how long curly cuts can really bring out the beauty of the hair in ways that are personal and warm. You can see how the curls can be at the ends to create an unforgettable look while maintaining the weight needed to tame the curls enough to be manageable.
The final row features great curls that are perfect for everyday occasions. You can see how the hair is styled in a loose, manageable way which is perfect for the office, around the home or for casual occasions. The hair conveys a message of confidence while highlighting the face.
You can see with the number of curly styles presented how you can create a new, exciting look that is simple and easy to maintain.

View 16 different photo’s for great styling ideas for your curls. Portfolio 4 emphasizes on long curly and wavy styles. Long wavy hairstyles are very versatile as they compliment any look, be it a casual everyday look or a night on the town look. The styles showcased in this portfolio can easily be created on straight hair too.